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Wenzhou Santhai Valve Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.

A set design, production, sales and service in one of the modern enterprise. Specialized in stainless steel health-class fluid accessories, butterfly valves, ball valves, clamp by any set, any live by any set, pipe fittings and non-standard accessories and other products sales and services, products are widely used in food, pharmaceutical water treatment, complete sets of equipment, beer equipment and other fields.


Production Equipment

The company has advanced production equipment and experimental instruments, and on the basis of leading hardware, to make full use of new technology, new processes, new materials, to ensure that the development of new products to meet the technical needs of pharmaceutical enterprises. Advanced design concept and professional technical advantages-Santhai enterprise is the obvious characteristics, coupled with a sound system, strict. The Adjuster management system, so that Santhai won a good reputation in the industry.

Quality and Service

For a long time, Santhai company has taken the responsibility of "Integrating the world's advanced science and technology for the benefit of the National Health Industry", by fully absorbing and mastering the development experience of products and processing technologies such as world health-grade valve parts, etc., a brilliant solution for China's health-grade industry. At the same time, our excellent professional after-sales service ability, completely solved the customer's worries.

The survival and development of an enterprise can not be separated from its management culture, and the perfect construction of brand and quality ensures that the enterprise can survive in the fierce market competition and maintain a good development situation, all this is because we have never left the purpose of enterprise development, "Morning Jingli XI, Excellence, repeat, quality such as Tai", is always our constant responsibility and philosophy, and the continued implementation of this concept will be further closer to the customer zero distance between the benign relations of cooperation. Become "China's level of health valve accessories experts" is the eternal goal of Santhai Company.

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Santhai company is willing to work together with colleagues to create China's brilliant health valve accessories!